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Earning Our Clients’ Trust Through Skill And Compassion

Legal matters that impact your family often have the most potential for creating stress, fear or life disruption. If you are facing a divorce, attempting to hammer out a parenting plan, or asking for a post-divorce modification or enforcement, tensions can run high. Even if you are simply planning for the future by setting up an estate plan, questions can arise that may be difficult to address without an attorney’s help.

Leslie Bottimore, founder of Bottimore & Associates, P.L.L.C., believes that legal matters that touch upon family concerns do not have to necessarily involve bitterness or divisiveness. The culture at our firm emphasizes dignity, esteem, respect, and gratitude for both our staff and all our clients. We know that family law and estate planning decisions can create far-reaching consequences, and we show compassion to our clients as they navigate these sensitive areas.

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Multiple Strategies For Addressing Family Law, Divorce, Estate Planning And More

Before becoming an attorney, Leslie Bottimore spent a decade as a social services professional. This gave her insight into the many ways that a family legal matter can be resolved. She has become a leader in providing collaborative law services to couples experiencing divorce. This approach to negotiating a settlement keeps crucial decisions in the hands of the persons whose marriage is ending. The resulting agreement can often be more customized to the needs of all family members – parents and children alike – than if the agreement was determined by a judge in a litigated divorce. Our attorneys can represent you in other types of negotiated settlements in estate or family law matters, even when there is high conflict between the parties.

Sometimes, however, there is no alternative but to take a case to court to ensure your interests are represented fairly. When that is the situation, our attorneys can provide an experienced projection as to how your case may play out in local courts. Attorney Bottimore, who has practiced law for over 20 years, has been a pro tem judge/pro tem court commissioner for the Pierce County Superior Court since 2015.

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