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Representing WA State Families For Over 20 Years!
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Author Archives: Leslie R. Bottimore

UCLA – RCW 7.77 – Five Years Later “Cooperative Law” is NOT a Substitute for Collaborative Law

The Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA) — RCW 7.77 – was enacted on July 1, 2013 in Washington State, the seventh (7th) state in the United States to adopt the UCLA. A total of seventeen (17) states and Washington, D.C. have now adopted the UCLA. In 2018 the UCLA was introduced in three (3) additional […]

How to Make a Claim of De Facto Parentage in Washington

Over the last few decades, the parameters of the word “family” have evolved to keep up with the progress we’ve made in society. Blended families are now much more common and same-sex marriage is now legal across the nation. An unsettled question until recently has been the legal status of a de facto parent — […]

Domestic Violence Protection Orders: Who Can Obtain One?

It is an unfortunate reality that many people live in danger of violence from a family member, spouse or other person close to them. One thing a victim can do to seek relief is to obtain a domestic violence protection order. In Washington State, a DVPO can be obtained by a person who experiences physical […]

Estate Planning During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 across Washington and the rest of the country has understandably caused many people to fear for their own health and that of their families. The virus also has been a wake-up call for people to get their financial affairs in order. Perhaps it will inspire more people to create proper estate […]

Will Coronavirus Quarantine Lead to More Divorces?

The longer the COVID-19 quarantine goes on, the more rumblings we’re hearing in the media that a spike in divorce rates is coming, and there is some evidence that it could become a reality. Take New York, the state with by far the most coronavirus cases in the country. A recent New York Post report […]

Tips for Co-Parenting During the COVID-19 Crisis

Even in the best of times, it may be hard for divorced or separated people to juggle their responsibilities under a court-ordered co-parenting plan. The coronavirus pandemic has amplified the challenge, adding even more stress to parents’ and children’s lives and making it more difficult to comply with terms of visitation. During these abnormal times, […]

COVID-19 Crisis Speeds Washington’s Adoption of Remote Online Notarization

Notaries, who play critical roles in administering oaths, witnessing signings and authenticating documents, have always had to perform their jobs in person. But even before the spread of the coronavirus, legislation was in the works in Washington State to allow for remote notarization using online technology. That facility has become more sorely needed during the […]

UNITED WE STAND: George Floyd – Representative of Systemic Racism

George Floyd – Representative of Systemic Racism At BOTTIMORE & ASSOCIATES, P.L.L.C.– we recognize the crisis and pain within our local communities and our Nation – in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN.  Locally, in Tacoma, WA, we mourn the killing of Manuel Ellis.  The tragedies of George Floyd and […]


At BOTTIMORE & ASSOCIATES, P.L.L.C., we understand the strains and opportunities of co-parenting – magnified by the Coronavirus – COVID-19 – Pandemic. For help, please click on the Links below: Governor Inslee’s Proclamation Regarding Child Visitation and Remedial Services – Click Here How to Co-Parent During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Click Here Co-Parenting During a Pandemic […]

Legal Requirements for Washington Parents Who Relocate with Children

If you are a parent in Washington State with custody of a child and wish to relocate with that child, you must give notice to anyone else — usually the other parent — who has joint custody, equal parenting time or visitation rights under an existing court order. The legal requirements for giving notice are […]