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Tacoma Firm Crafting Comprehensive Estate Plans For Clients

Skilled Attorneys Assisting Washington Residents With Wills, Trusts and Other Instruments

For nearly two decades, Bottimore & Associates, P.L.L.C., in Tacoma, has assisted clients across the state by developing detailed and legally sound estate plans that preserve their assets and pass them on to loved ones. Whether your estate is large or modest, it’s in your best interests – and those of your family – to ensure your wishes are clearly expressed and followed. If you die without a will in Washington, your estate will be distributed according to the state’s laws of intestacy. When you enlist our help in devising a carefully crafted estate plan, you can have peace of mind knowing that the assets accumulated over your lifetime will go to the people or charities you want to have them.

Guidance With Wills, Trusts and Advance Directives

We assist residents throughout Washington in creating comprehensive estate plans that meet their unique needs and goals. We will take the time to analyze your situation and achieve your estate planning goals through instruments that may include:

  • Wills – A will is an essential part of any estate plan; without it, the state, rather than you, decides how your assets will be distributed after you die. Your will not only provides instructions regarding how your property should be distributed after you pass and to whom, but it can allow you to name a guardian to care for your minor children.
  • Trusts – A trust is a vehicle in which you, the grantor, grant the management of your assets to a trustee, who holds them in trust for named beneficiaries. With a living trust, you can benefit from your assets during your lifetime and have them pass upon your death without the need for probate, which maximizes the distribution for beneficiaries. We can advise on a variety of trusts to accomplish specific goals.
  • Powers of attorney – A power of attorney gives the agent you name specified powers, such as the ability to write checks on your behalf or pay your bills when you are not able to do so.
  • Living wills – A living will expresses your wishes regarding medical treatment or end-of-life care in the event you become unable to communicate them.

Once we understand your wishes, we can convey them clearly and legally in these documents. We can also discuss options for limiting estate taxes.

Trusted Advisers Helping You Select Representatives To Protect Your Interests

A cornerstone of many of these estate planning documents is choosing a person who helps you manage your funds, makes medical decisions on your behalf, and administers your estate once you pass. We can help you select the appropriate personal representative, trustee or agent, as well as successor agents. While it may seem obvious that the people you select should be trustworthy, you should consider those who are also:

  • Willing to honor your values – When choosing someone to decide on life-sustaining treatment or manage your funds in a reasonably prudent manner, it is important to select a person who will honor your values.
  • Organized – Handling the probate process or a trust often involves handling many different documents and assets. The right agent or trustee should have the organizational skills to manage these tasks.
  • Financially competent – Your trustee or agent should be able to handle money well and be competent at making prudent investments.
  • Resolute – If you suspect that there may be a challenge to your will or trust, it is important to select a trustee or agent who is resolute in honoring your wishes and fulfilling your goals.

Choosing someone to administer your estate or trust or act as your agent under difficult circumstances is one of the most important decisions you can make. We will help guide you through the selection process so you can have confidence in your choice.

Contact A Detail-Oriented Tacoma Estate Planning Lawyer For A Consultation

For help drafting your living trust, will, power of attorney and other estate planning documents, contact Bottimore & Associates, P.L.L.C., in Tacoma. We have nearly 20 years of experience providing customized estate plans for clients throughout Washington. Call us at 253-780-7622 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.