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Experienced Washington Attorneys Guiding Clients Through Divorce

Divorce cases can be contentious, involving high legal bills and bitterness between the spouses that lasts for decades beyond the divorce decree. However, it’s important to realize that your marriage does not have to end this way. At Bottimore & Associates, P.L.L.C., in Tacoma, we redefine the divorce experience and help clients reach an amicable resolution whenever possible through collaborative divorce and mediation. These methods can address the unique needs of your family without the financial and emotional toll of court intervention. We are experienced in both the collaborative method and divorce mediation when both parties are open to working toward consensus, but we are also skilled litigators who will press for your rights at trial to secure the most favorable possible resolution.

Accomplished Divorce Attorneys Helping You Dissolve Your Marriage

“Dissolution of marriage” is the legal term for divorce in Washington. One or both spouses can file as long as they reside in the state when the petition is filed. Divorce is obtained through no-fault grounds, by one spouse declaring that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” When we handle your case, we can seek to save you time, money and stress whenever possible through the collaborative process or mediation. But when consensus on important issues such as property division, custody and support can’t be reached through those methods, we will negotiate on your behalf or press your case in court. You can trust our firm to provide skilled counsel and informed advocacy that respects your needs.

Explaining The Benefits of The Collaborative Process

Washington families can participate in the collaborative divorce process with the help of attorneys specially trained to handle these types of cases. This unique approach involves the spouses and their lawyers working together to reach a mutually agreeable resolution on important issues such as property division, child custody and support, and spousal support. The spouses sign a participation agreement in which they agree to resolve their dispute outside of court in a respectful and cooperative manner. Then, with guidance from their legal representatives, the parties draw up a formal agreement if they are able to resolve all of their legal issues. This agreement is then presented to the court for approval.

Our founding attorney, Leslie Bottimore, has been recognized by professional organizations for her achievements in the collaborative divorce process: she has served as president of the Collaborative Law Professionals of Pierce County, vice president of King County Collaborative Law (2017–2018), on the Education and Conference Committees for the Collaborative Professionals of Washington (2016–2018), and as Ambassador for the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (2018). Our attorneys’ experience and success in guiding clients through the collaborative method offers them an advantage when they choose this alternative to litigation. You can be confident that we put your interests and those of your children first when you entrust us with your divorce.

Representing Your Interests In Mediation

The mediation process offers divorcing spouses another alternative to litigation. In this process, a mediator acts as an impartial third party who facilitates communication and leads the parties to a resolution on property division, child custody, and spousal support, among other important issues. Each party in the divorce may also bring their attorney to the session, to help them with self-advocacy.

If the parties reach an agreement, it is documented and presented to the court for approval. Reaching a settlement through mediation saves participants time, because the sessions don’t have to adhere to a court calendar, and expense, because they save on litigation costs. It also provides privacy and a less stressful method of closing a chapter of their lives so they can move forward.

Leslie R. Bottimore has extensive experience advocating for Washington residents in mediation sessions to ensure their interests are served and their rights protected. If you think this method might work in your case, we are happy to offer an initial consultation so you can learn more about it.

Contact A Responsive Washington Divorce Lawyer For Comprehensive Counsel

Bottimore & Associates, P.L.L.C., in Tacoma, represents divorcing spouses throughout Washington in negotiations, the collaborative process, mediation and litigation. We ensure you understand your options so you can make wise decisions that protect you now and in the future. Contact our Tacoma office at 253-780-7622 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.