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20 Years in Business.

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2024 | Firm News |


Today, I am taking a moment to look back on my journey.
How did I get here? I started working with people 36 years ago, beginning with almost a decade in Social Work, when I spoke Spanish daily. I then pursued Law School. I have been a Family Lawyer and Mediator and Estate Planner for almost 25 years. I created my Law Firm – Bottimore & Associates, PLLC – 20 years ago – opening my doors on March 1, 2004.

I had my first child Emma during my second year of Law School. I had my second child Nicole as a new Associate Attorney. While on “Maternity Leave” (and not the kind my Law Firm would later offer to its Employees – but about 4 days off and with numerous files brought home) – I envisioned “hanging out my own shingle.” My Emma was 5; and her sister Nicole – my baby – was a newborn. They are my “WHY”!

Helping and empowering others to work through negativity and darkness and conflicts to reconfigure their families to be healthier and happier is my other “WHY”!

Obstacles in Life –

  • Coming out of poverty as a child;
  • Growing up with my mom, who had to work and received no support – financial or otherwise – but pulled herself up by her bootstraps and went back to school when I was 9 and again when I was in College;
  • Addiction and Mental Health issues with family members, with my dad’s lawyering being interrupted by his disease, but nonetheless becoming a powerful influence on me, giving me a sense of Justice and Civil Rights;
  • Divorce as a child of divorce;
  • Divorce after 25 years – and as a mother;
  • Racism against my multicultural family, which I have experienced only vicariously, as I operate in the world with White Privilege;
  • Caring for 2 vulnerable aging parents;
  • Loss of parent (may my father RIP).

Obstacles in Business –

  • Countless mistakes;
  • Challenging Employees;
  • Challenging Clients;
  • Cash Flow;
  • 60/70/80 hour work weeks;
  • Naysayers;
  • Doubt by others and self.

The Obstacle is the Way
Persistence Pays
Every Problem has a Solution
Keep Hope Alive
Faith Over Fear
Failure is not an Option